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Poetic Genius Society
Poetic Genius Society
Poetic Genius Society

The Poetic Genius Society is composed of intellectually gifted individuals with a passion for poetry. They are the creative artists of our time, whose literary output interprets the heritage of the past and the urgent now.

Founded by Dr. Greg Grove in 1998, our fellowship of poets has been a thriving haven for aspiring artists in the High IQ community. Although our ranks are extremely diverse, we share a common bond in our love for all things poetic.

PGS' online journal, Apotheosis, is a growing collection of works by poets from all over the world. It is here for your enjoyment.

In addition, we would love for you to become a member of our congenial society. What's in it for you?

      The joy of sharing your poetry with other minds who will appreciate your work

      The prestige of joining an IQ society whose score is at the 99.5 percentile

      Fellowship with peers you can relate to, both intellectually and artistically

      • Publication of your work in Apotheosis

      • A member chat forum, message board, and more...

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site as you peruse its contents and learn more about Poetic Genius Society and the individuals who comprise our membership. Please feel free to write to our membership officer for more information, or simply fill out our online application to begin the membership process.

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Featured Member

Thomas (Torg) Hadley


Release in April '07 of "Mall Robbers", an independent film by Anthony Watkins of Dominion Pictures, in which I play a leading role as SGT Hobbs, a redneck security honcho in the slapstick comedy of errors.

Mark Norman: I would like to alert readers and members to our own up and coming. Torg will give me more information on this project as it becomes available. Filming took place Feb. the 3rd, good luck my thespian friend.

Featured Member

Maria Faverio


I am a Bohemian spirit living in the Illawarra, about 80 km south of Sydney. I delight in writing poems and puzzles, painting and composing music. I mainly find my inspiration in nature and in solitude.

Mark Norman: I own several of Maria's works. The poems are a vivid self-analysis, a look at the nature in Australia and the use of it for the description of the condition of mankind.

Her works are highly recommended read, Mark Norman

Featured Member

Albert Frank


Nath is a genius; Tanguy an idiot. Any such extremes disturb people. In recognition of this fact, a pharmaceutical corporation is undertaking experiment with a new drug, “normality pills”, that would move them both toward the norm. It is decided to put them in contact using e-mail exchanges. Those responsible for the experiment will monitor the exchanges. So a deep friendship evolves between two individuals who normally would never have even met. Their dialogue is moving right up to the terrifying conclusion. One of the themes of the narrative is the loneliness of the extremes.

Featured Member

Tommy Smith


Scream of Consciousness is a collection of puzzles, poems, short stories and rants all of which share one common thread – they were written impromptu, in single focused moments of creative clarity. The idea behind Scream is a new writing style that I call transentia, which is similar in nature to the Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. It’s about finding the beauty of frozen moments in time and the flaw of those moments. It’s a bold and selfless idea to offer your creativity on display with painfully obvious flaws amidst the work. It’s intuitive for most artists to strive for perfection when trying to convey their vision so the writer corrects his story through several drafts and extensive editing. But to be truly selfless requires one to shed the ego and forge fearlessly ahead with the knowledge that most likely, you will stumble when the deluge of creativity streams from your mind and forces you to produce something new.

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